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Timbering Land in NC

You own land with harvestable timber. But you, like me, are not in the timber business. If you are not careful, you will not get paid what you should get paid.

First, decide if you want a timber consultant. If you hire one, make sure the contract (yes, get a signed contract) states the consultant is working for you.

Second, educate yourself to make sure you understand the process. There’s a lot of terminology out there that will be new to you. Board feet, type of lumber, grade of lumber. Get familiar with this. Listen to your consultant. (See links below for basic understanding to get started).

Here are some helpful websites to start your education: Forestry Management: While waiting to timber your trees, make sure they are healthy. Contact the North Carolina Forestry Service for inspection of your timber and advice. I purchased some land one time with pine planted for timbering, unfortunately it was not thinned at the proper time and stunted the growth of the trees.

Timber Deed Contract: And when you sign a timber deed contract in North Carolina, consider having an attorney review it. Factors to consider: 1) How long do they have to timber? 2) Will they remove the refuse and stumps? 3) Will they replant & with what species of tree?

Have you ever seen a recently timbered property that looked like a tornado squatted on the land and smoked a cigarette? Look around and see how other timbered lands looked.

Have you ever seen land that grew back wild after a timbering? It’s impossible to cross.

How much will this cost to clear and fix?

Could this be your land? Think: My spouse is going to kill me.

For legal advice, contact the timber attorneys NC at Hendrick Bryant Nerhood Sanders & Otis, LLP. Ask for Tim Nerhood. 336-723-7200


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