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Old Nick Whiskey Opens (Distillery Attorney North Carolina )

Old Nick Whiskey of Forsyth County, North Carolina returns to distilling liquors, including bourbon whiskey. The history: A distillery has been on the property since the Revolutionary War period. It succumbed to revenuers during the Prohibition Period of the early Twentieth Century. Now the family has once again returned to distilling. There Carolina Whiskey and Bourbon are in NC ABC Stores. (I can attest the Bourbon is quite good.)

The company website is: Old Nick Whiskey Distillery NC Their website has a history of the distillers dating back to the 1780’s.

Based in Lewisville, North Carolina (outside of Winston-Salem). This distillery is part of a growing industry that once thrived in North Carolina prior to Prohibition. Recent statutory changes in Raleigh

Here is a June 2017 article about the re-opening of the distillery: Lewisville family bringing back Old Nick whiskey, opens distillery this weekend

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