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NCDOT paying outside law firms on Map Act case

If you’re an owner in the Northern Beltway or other property affected by the Map Act Corridor, know this:

The NC Department of Transportation is spending this with law firms to fight you:

$325/hour for attorneys at Smith Anderson. Their associates between $190-210. $170/hr for paralegals

$250/hour for attorneys at Teague Campbell. Associates paid $225. $125 for paralegals

$250-275 for Hartsell & Williams. $200 for associates. $110 for paralegals

In April and May the DOT paid $43,033 in attorney fees to Hartsel & Williams as well as $42,268 to Teague Campbell. We don’t know what Smith Anderson or Parker Poe charged for those two months.

Meantime, NC condemnation attorney, Matthew Bryant estimates the delays cost North Carolina $144,000 in interest per day.


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