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Forensic Accounting & Auditing Podcast Interview

Robert Nordlander hosts Fraudfighter Podcast. In November 2020, Kirk Sanders was interviewed regarding forensic audits in wills and estate fiduciary litigation. Sanders discussed forensic accounting experts. In addition, the interviewee discussed the nature of the assets taken in fiduciary litigation cases, power of attorney abuses (POA), trust abuses and interpleaders, will contests and estate administration litigation.

Here’s the link to the FraudFighter link:

Other notable interviews include white collar defense attorney, Kearns Davis; Chuck Cohen with the National White Collar Crime Center; credentialling for certified fraud examiners, divorce forensic accounting, and more.

Kirk Sanders is a fiduciary litigation attorney in North Carolina that represents clients in estate litigation and trust attack litigation statewide.

Mr. Nordlander has expertise in fraud investigations, forensic accounting, cryptocurrency, and criminal financial violations of the Internal Revenue Code and money laundering. Nordlander testified in federal court proceedings about financial evidence and its conclusions. He seized millions of dollars in assets in real estate, bank accounts, mutual funds, and vehicles by tracing their origins to criminal proceeds.


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