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3 New Segments in Eastern Leg of Northern Beltway Under Contract

April 6, 2018

NC Department of Transportation announced it awarded the contract to Flatiron Constructors to build three additional segments of the Eastern Northern Beltway.

This will be for 7 miles of the Northern Beltway. Construction to start on one of the legs as soon as the end of April 2018

Segments include the highway from New Walkertown Road to University Parkway. Construction has already commenced at US 52 and Bethania Rural Hall bridge area.

In this segment there are Interchanges that at New Walkertown Road &  Germanton Road.

This is more good news for Property owners with inverse condemnation claims.

Call the NC Eminent Domain Attorneys at Hendrick Bryant at 336-723-7200 to discuss your case.

NC Eminent Domain Case

Inverse Condemnation Map

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